Handmade Waldorf Doll - Steiner

Handmade Waldorf Doll - Steiner

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This is a Waldorf (Steiner) inspired doll. It is not an ordinary rag doll. You can customize your doll's hair, eyes, skin color, and clothes. It would be a great playing friend to its owner. The doll is handmade and %100 organic and natural. The materials used are silk, wool, cotton, interlock-fabric, velvet, lace, jean, leather, yarn, tulle, linen, and mohair. The height of the doll changes between 14” to 16” inches. You can use it as a playing friend, toy, gift, and cuddling while sleeping. Your child or grandchild will love it. You can order extra clothes for your doll.

Set includes;

• Dress
• Underskirt
• Teddy Bear
• Bootee
• Hat
• Scarf
• Underwear
• Sweater

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